Classify documents at scale

Build AI applications to analyze and classify JSON-like documents using large-scale programmatic labels. Analyze invoices, contracts or webpages. Automatically enrich data for operational tasks. Made for various data formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, PDF and many more.

Automate repetitive tasks

Use imperfect labeling functions (Python functions or plug-and-play AI algorithms) as heuristics to build your text analytics solution within days at highest accuracy. onetask will combine them automatically, providing you with large-scale programmatic labels for your training.

No more label bottlenecks

Weak Supervision + Active Learning = No more label bottlenecks.
Label your data in days, not months, while maintaining high-quality results.

Label tons of data programmatically
Leverage your ML prediction quality
Stay flexible for changing label requirements
Keep track of your label quality and confidence
Use labeling functions as a labeling documentation
Build with collaboration in mind

Become a labeling pioneer now!

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