Your ideas are game-changing ...

... but you lack the label resources to pursue them?

We have GREAT news for you!
onetask is designed to scale data labeling. If you have large amounts of unlabeled data available, we can help you setup your labeling infrastructure so you get to your training data within a couple of days.

We believe that Labeling should NOT be ...

a bottleneck

You have some idea on how to best improve a certain use case using Machine Learning. However, you can not implement this idea due to lacking labeled data. With us, this won't be a problem no more.


Labeling tasks can be very time costly which delays the deployment of machine learning solutions. We aim to assist you in speeding up the data labeling process so you can build models in days, not weeks.


Labeling can become an extremely time-consuming task, therefore leading to high costs (direct or as opportunity costs). E.g. projects with more than 50,000 records easily cost more than 10,000€ in labeling.

a one-time job

We faced that requirements can change in a Machine Learning project. This also accounts for labeling. That is why we built our platform to treat labeling as an evolving procedure. You can extract and add data at any time in the process.


If you haven’t labeled the data yourself, it often is hard to assess the data quality. Debugging your model is extremely difficult if you don’t know where poor model performance stems from. Labels come with insightful metadata, allowing you to understand label quality issues.

without docs

Once you start debugging or explain your procedure to your colleagues, you need some understandable material for that. Labeling functions not only work for scaling, but for documentation too!

That's why we change that!

You and your team know your data best. That is why we built a lightweight platform that has much to offer but is still highly customizable to your needs. You can bring custom embeddings, enrich unlabeled data with attributes of your choice and then use them to programmatically label your dataset in a modern fashion. Every component of onetask was built with the Data Scientist as a user in mind.

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