If you had three wishes ...

... we bet enough labeled data would be one of them!

Discovering Machine Learning gains for your company is your daily task. You need to identify efficiency-increasing use cases and manage their implementation. As the interface between business and technology, you understand the implication of every percent of increase in precision or recall.

To plan such use cases, however, you and your team first have to overcome the obstacle of lacking labeled data. This is where we come into place. Our tool gives you and your team the ability to quickly label the records you need for your Machine Learning classifier - in days, not months.

We believe that Labeling should NOT be ...

a bottleneck

There often are much more Machine Learning application ideas than available data sets. We eliminate that bottleneck. Define labeling functions, label some examples by hand and train weak classifiers to get a fast export of probabilistic labels.


Labeling tasks can be very time costly which delays the deployment of machine learning solutions. We aim to assist you in speeding up the data labeling process so you can build models in days, not weeks.


Labeling can become an extremely time-consuming task, therefore leading to high costs (direct or as opportunity costs). E.g. projects with more than 50,000 records easily cost more than 10,000€ in labeling.

a one-time job

We faced that requirements can change in a Machine Learning project. This also accounts for labeling. That is why we built our platform to treat labeling as an evolving procedure. You can extract and add data at any time in the process.


When talking about Supervised Learning, labeled data is pure gold. Keeping it in a simple text file or as a column in an Excel spreadsheet does not live up to its value. With onetask, your labels are properly organized and easy to access.

violating privacy

Common data privacy regulations forbid the transmission of sensitive data to labeling services. In these cases, labeling must be done in-house. With onetask, this is no problem at all. Use our on-premises solution to leverage your labeling.

That's why we change that!

You and your team know your data best. That is why we built a lightweight platform that has much to offer but is still highly customizable to your needs. You can bring custom embeddings, enrich unlabeled data with attributes of your choice and then use them to programmatically label your dataset in a modern fashion. Every component of onetask was built with the Data Scientist as a user in mind.

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