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You discuss the potential benefits of AI-based solutions with your customers, but you're worried that the data you receive won't be labelled the way you need it to be? Might it be because you are either receiving less labelled data than you need (perhaps even none at all), or that the labelled data does not meet the requirements?
onetask helps you to build the data you need for your implementations.

We believe that Labeling should be ...


Labeling is a bottleneck in many use cases. With us, this is no longer the case. We provide large-scale progammatic labels, which help you implement highly beneficial use cases.


Labeling tasks can be very time costly which delays the deployment of machine learning solutions. We aim to assist you in speeding up the data labeling process so you can build models in days, not weeks.

low-risk, high-reward

Current platforms take big fees for labeling data without guaranteeing that your labeled data will be what you expect it to be. We take a different approach, ensuring your ROI on labeling will be worth!


We faced that requirements can change in a Machine Learning project. This also accounts for labeling. That is why we built our platform to treat labeling as an evolving procedure.


Debugging your model is extremely difficult if you don’t know where poor model performance stems from. Labels come with insightful metadata, allowing you to understand label quality issues.


Once you start debugging or explain your procedure to your customers, you need some understandable material for that. Labeling functions not only work for scaling, but for documentation too!

That's what we offer. Both on Cloud and On-Prem.

We built a lightweight platform that has much to offer but is still highly customizable to your needs. You can bring custom embeddings, enrich unlabeled data with attributes of your choice and then use them to programmatically label your dataset in a modern fashion.
Every component of onetask was built with the Data Scientist as a user in mind.

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